Survive the cold winter months with mobile heating systems and EcoCloud

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What are mobile heating systems?

As much as we love the winter season, we could definitely do without the freezing nights and the dagger-like cold wind that comes along with it. There are a host of companies renting out mobile heating systems to fight out such chills. These systems produce heat by burning oil from their internal tanks and blowing the hot air into the area of interest.

These heating systems come in a variety of forms and energy output. From compact wheelbarrow-sized units providing 50kW of energy, these systems can scale up to containers providing up to 2500kW for large-scale heating purposes, depending on the application.

Generally, mobile heating systems are practical and fast-to-deploy. In keeping with this, there are several requirements to be met for each heating unit and its corresponding application, be it in the construction industry, in the entertainment industry, or the like.

Where are they used?

Mobile heating systems can be used to bridge the heating in the event of heating failure, for construction heating, for conversion work on the heat supply, for supplying district heating, for replacing boilers, or as emergency heating for heating buildings.

In the construction industry, the demand for mobile heating units is high. For one, it keeps construction workers doing bare brickwork warm during the cold months of the year. For another, these units are essential for the process of drying out screeds.

The entertainment industry demands heating systems for many outdoor activities, such as an anniversary or an official event. Apart from generating heat for the guests, they can also be rented for domestic hot water preparation. Typically, mobile heating units are positioned in tents next to the event site. Alternatively, such systems can be placed on a truck.

What's the problem?

In order to store and burn oil to generate the necessary heat energy, every heating unit needs an internal oil tank. Here, monitoring the oil level in the internal tank is essential, as it is vital to make sure tanks are never empty.

In such a case, special technicians are usually required to come which certainly comes at a high cost. Such a case can also happen on weekends or holidays when not many people are onsite in order to re-fill the tanks.

At times of high heat demand — on a busy construction site for example — there are cases where the tank needs to re-filled at rapid rates to prevent failure. For this, it is quite difficult for customers to analyze such information by themselves. As such, they passover the information to heating oil supplier.

This is where E-SENSORIX comes in.

What's our solution?

The challenge of empty tanks can be solved by installing the EcoCloud, a light-weight battery-powered modern level indicator to the heating oil tank. With this, you can accurately monitor the fill level in your oil tank as well as monitor your consumption via a user-friendly web portal or on your smartphone.

Its unique level-measuring technology based on ultrasonic waves allows 10x more accurate tank level measurements than comparable systems. Furthermore, data transmission is possible in busy and remote areas thanks to its 2G/3G connectivity.