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Battery Driven Ultrasonic Level Sensor with 4G Communication and Free Web Portal

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Monitor the level in your heating oil tank or your cistern and check your heating oil, water, diesel consumption on the E-Sensorix Web-Portal, which is proven in over 100,000 applications. A battery-powered ultrasonic level sensor with integrated 4G mobile radio module measures up to 4 times/ hour and transmits the data once /day via 4G to data server E-Sensorix. The access to the E-Sensorix cloud solution is free. Free SIM card for 10 years included.

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Product Details

Battery-Operated Level Sensor With 4G Communication and Free Web Portal for Heating Oil Tanks, Cisterns, Storage Tanks

The Proteus EcoCloud 4G is an innovative, universal, battery-operated ultrasonic level gauge with 4G module for the measurement of fuel oil tanks, cisterns and storage tanks. The Proteus EcoCloud 4G measures the contents of your tank up to 4 times an hour and transmits measurement data via the 4G network to a data server at least once a day. This data is then displayed on a web portal (web app) also optimized for display on mobile devices such as smartphones. The web portal shows you the current daily filling level, the actual volume (in percent and liters), the battery level and the signal strength of the mobile network. It also generates a graphical representation of the level curve which consists of the previous daily measurement data.

The installation is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Cabling is not necessary as the ultrasonic sensor is battery operated.

The EcoCloud 4G is a modern and precise alternative to mechanical dipsticks, tank gauges or analogue systems and can be used especially in areas with no connection to the mains. The system saves several control rounds in cellar to check your cistern and avoid empty tanks. The EcoCloud reads off the consumption and compares in time e.g. prices for fuel oil to prepare for re-ordering.

Easy to install and compatible with 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ thread openings, the EcoCloud 4G is universally applicable for tanks with liquids as long as a 4G mobile connection is available. The required SIM card is included free of charge and will be configured and delivered by our customer service with your tank data - this makes the installation extremely easy, you only have to mount the device on the tank.

Advantages of EcoCloud 4G

  • Conveniently monitor your tank and consumption via a web portal at any location
  • Battery-powered ultrasonic level sensor with integrated 4G mobile radio module
  • Measuring range up to 4m(13ft)
  • Monitor receives and interprets measurement data in 60min intervals (standard interval)
  • Measurement data interval configurable when ordering
  • Determines and transmits measured values to the web portal at 24h intervals
  • Fits on standardized 2″, 1¼" and 1½" threaded holes
  • Resolution of the ultrasonic sensor is +/-10mm (∆=2cm)
  • Remaining quantity in liters and percent
  • Warning at low / high filling level
  • To access the web portal, you need a computer with an Internet browser or a smartphone with Internet access.

Technical data

Tank size

Minimum height: 0.5m (1.6ft)

Maximum height: 4m (13ft)

The sensor must be mounted at a distance of at least 15cm (5.9ft) from the tank walls.

The ultrasonic signal must not be disturbed by obstacles in the tank (crossbars, hoses, etc.).


Secure web portal:

Graphical display of the fill level

Display of actual values: volume in litres/cent, battery status, GSM/GPRS signal strength

Maximum signal strength

Can be reduced by doors, walls, shafts, cover plates, etc. - please test before ordering if 3G reception is available

Power supply

4 x Type C lR14 Alkaline 1.5V

Battery life

>2 years for data transmission in 24h intervals

Wireless communication

3G Mobile

Dimensions (mm)

101mm (W) x 93mm (L) x 150mm (H)

Maximum and minimum operating conditions

Operating temperature: -10 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius

Humidity: 15% - 95%

Hole size for sensor/thread

47mm diameter sensor mouth when mounted with adapter ring (sealing)

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