GSM-Based and WiFi-Based Oil and Water Level Sensors

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A Deep Dive into E-Sensorix with Inclusive European SIM Card (10 years) and Free Data Access


In an age where data is driving decision-making processes and optimizing industrial operations, remote monitoring of oil and water levels has become a critical aspect of many businesses. Many sectors, ranging from oil and gas to water management, have seen a surge in the adoption of intelligent sensing technologies that provide real-time data and analytics. This article focuses on one such innovative sensing solution provided by E-Sensorix, a company offering GSM-based and WiFi-based oil and water level sensors with an inclusive European SIM card and free data access.

E-Sensorix's Pioneering Solution

E-Sensorix is at the forefront of transforming traditional monitoring systems with its unique GSM-based and WiFi-based oil and water level sensors. These sensors enable remote monitoring of liquid levels in tanks, reservoirs, and other containment facilities.

The GSM-based sensors operate using the Global System for Mobile communications network, a standard widely adopted in Europe and many other parts of the world. It allows the sensors to communicate data to a central server, enabling real-time monitoring and management of oil and water levels. This is particularly useful in areas with limited internet connectivity where GSM networks are more reliable.

On the other hand, E-Sensorix's WiFi-based sensors offer an alternative for locations with strong internet connectivity. These devices leverage existing WiFi networks to transmit data, eliminating the need for additional communication infrastructure.

The Inclusive European SIM Card and Free Data Access

E-Sensorix goes a step further by offering an inclusive European SIM card with their GSM-based sensors. This SIM card allows these sensors to connect to GSM networks across Europe without the need for a separate data plan. This is a significant advantage for businesses with operations across different countries in Europe as it simplifies the setup process and eliminates the need for multiple data plans.

Moreover, E-Sensorix offers free data access for their sensors, allowing users to access the data generated by these devices without incurring additional data charges. This facilitates real-time monitoring and decision-making, helping businesses optimize their operations and reduce costs.

Benefits of E-Sensorix's Solutions

E-Sensorix's solutions offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice for businesses. These include:

Real-Time Monitoring: The GSM and WiFi-based sensors provide real-time data on oil and water levels, enabling businesses to respond quickly to changes and avoid potential issues such as spills or shortages.

Ease of Installation: The sensors are easy to install and set up, and the inclusive European SIM card simplifies the process of connecting the sensors to the GSM network.

Cost Savings: The free data access provided by E-Sensorix eliminates additional data costs, helping businesses save on operational expenses.

Versatility: The availability of both GSM and WiFi-based sensors ensures that businesses can choose the most appropriate solution based on their location and connectivity options.

Improved Decision-Making: The real-time data and analytics provided by these sensors support informed decision-making, helping businesses optimize their operations and improve efficiency.


In a world driven by data, E-Sensorix is leading the way with its innovative GSM-based and WiFi-based oil and water level sensors. With the inclusive European SIM card and free data access, the company is making it easier for businesses to adopt these technologies and reap the benefits of real-time monitoring and analytics. As we look towards a future where smart sensing technologies become an integral part of industrial operations, E-Sensorix's solutions offer a glimpse of what's to come.