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General Questions



Q: Which payment methods are accepted?

A: We accept PayPal and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Maestro, UnionPay) via the PayPal gateway, which allows you to make payments without a PayPal user account and free of charge.

Simply follow the steps at checkout and select your preferred payment method.

Our websites are SSL-encrypted and comply with all current online trading security guidelines.


Q: To which countries does E-SENSORIX sell their devices?

A: E-SENSORIX distributes from Germany to most European countries as standard. If your country is not listed by default, please send us an email to info@e-sensorix.com


Q: Are written offers possible?

A: E-SENSORIX makes a written offer only on request from 10 pieces. Otherwise the price on the web shop is binding (including VAT and shipping)


Q: Does E-Sensorix sell on account?

A: our payment policy is only prepayment.


Q: What are the shipping charges?

A: Deliveries within Germany are free of charge for 1 - 5 devices. For larger quantities, the shipping fee depends on the quantity and size of the order.


Q: How fast is the delivery?

A: Usually orders placed before 3 pm are shipped the same day so that they are delivered within 3-5 days.


Q: Which delivery service providers are used?

A: We use UPS and DHL as our standard service providers. The tracking number can be requested in case of problems. All packages are insured. If the package cannot be delivered, the latter is usually deposited at a local parcel shop or UPS access point. You will receive a written note to this effect from the logistics service provider.

Please note that subsequent changes to the address are not possible, as order processing is usually very fast.


Q: Right of withdrawal?

A: You can return the device to us within 4 weeks if the device shows no traces of use or is defective. The full purchase price will then be refunded. We do not issue return coupons, as we are not legally obliged. The repayment is made via your chosen payment method.


Q: Warranty?

A: Our warranty period is 2 years. Defective devices will be repaired or replaced by us within this time. Return delivery costs must be borne by the customer. If you wish to dispose of your device after the warranty period, you are welcome to return it to us at your expense or take it to local recycling points.


Technical questions - EcoMeter devices


On Youtube, you can find several videos to answer all your questions about the functionality, configuration, installation and changing the battery of the EcoMeter products. Please watch:



Q: Scope of delivery for EcoMeter and EcoMeter S?

A: Battery-powered ultrasonic sensor (green rocket with small display, battery already installed), EcoMonitor (mains-powered radio display) with USB plug and corresponding power supply unit, threaded adapter, 2 screws for mounting the threaded adapter to the sensor, 2 set of screws for fastening a pipe to the threaded adapter, documentation and, if necessary, supplementary sheet with current information.


The package contains the following:


1 x Proteus ultrasonic sensor (battery included)

1 x Proteus Monitor digital display (contains a 3V CR2450 emergency battery)

1 x power supply (for Proteus Monitor)

2 x screws

2 x grub screws

1 x threaded adapter (1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2")

1 x cover cap

1 x installation manual (EN)


Q: What can the Proteus EcoMeter measure?

A: The Proteus EcoMeter is an ultrasonic level gauge suitable for use in all common tanks and cisterns (water, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, AdBlue and gasoil of types A2, C1, C2 and D (according to BS2869)) which are not under pressure.

Please watch the video:



Q: When do I need the optional antenna extension (EcoMeter (S) PLUS)?

A: the EcoMeter (S) PLUS can be used below 20cm installation depth in manholes, cisterns, shafts or underground tanks or radio dead areas. The antenna extension is a fixed cable of 9m length between the ultrasonic sensor and the radio transmitter unit, which then transmits the measured data to the EcoMonitor. The battery is built into the radio transmitter unit.


Q: How do I change the battery of the EcoMeter sensors?

A: Here is the link to a video explaining the exchange of the battery :


Please note that the battery type may vary depending on the device.


Q: Can the antenna extension cable be disconnected?

A: To simplify installation, the cable can be disconnected. Then reconnect the coaxial cable with 2 luster terminals or a suitable antenna plug. Make sure that you protect the connection from moisture.


Q: How to activate the sensor (green rocket)?

A: The sensor is activated by a reed contact while pairing with the monitor. Make sure that the sensor and the monitor touch each other and both displays are oriented in the same direction (see figure in step 3 of the installation instructions). The sensor has a small black dot to the left of the display, which must touch the right side of the monitor. Within 10 seconds the sensor will start to synchronize with the monitor.


Q: How to configure the EcoMonitor?

A: the Proteus EcoMeter installation and configuration help can be found in the product manual and installation instructions. Both are included in the delivery, but can also be downloaded from the corresponding product pages.


Q: What does Fast mode mean?

A: Fast mode is activated for about 10 minutes after pairing the sensor with the EcoMonitor. During this time, the sensor communicates a measured value every 2-3 seconds to the EcoMonitor, which calculates the current volume for a valid measurement (no warning triangle on the rocket display). During these 10 minutes the sensor should be installed correctly so that it is possible to check whether the measurement is correct.

The Fast mode can be used very well to investigate and solve problems (warning triangle on the display of the sensor, E:03 error). If the sensor does not show a valid measuring distance during Fast mode, there is probably an error. Please contact us in this case.


Q: I have a threaded hole on my tank. How is the sensor mounted?

A: The Proteus EcoMeter comes with a triple threaded adapter that is simply screwed onto the opening. The adapter fits all standard 2", 11/4" and 11/2" thread openings and tank sockets. Please note that you may not make any changes to oil tanks (heating oil), as otherwise you may lose your operating permit from the TÜV.  A free thread opening is necessary in order to be able to install the EcoMeter sensor. Otherwise, you can have a thread opening installed by a licensed specialist on your tank.



Q: What is the maximum tank volume that the EcoMeter can measure?

A: The display of the EcoMonitor can visualize a maximum of 19,999 liters (5.283 Gallons). Larger volumes cannot be displayed. Please see whether the Proteus EcoCloud or the Proteus EcoFrog can be used as an alternative device.



Q: I have a spherical tank. Can the EcoMeter calculate the volume correctly?

A: Yes, we have software that allows you to enter offset and a linearization table. This can be provided free of charge upon request.



Q: I have no free threaded hole on the tank. How can I mount the sensor?

A: If your tank does not have a free thread, a certified specialist must drill an appropriate opening. Independent drilling of a hole in the tank might result in the loss of your general operating permit. On water tanks/cisterns, a hole can be drilled (preferably in the middle of the tank) or a self-built device can be used to fix the sensor.



Q: How do I configure the EcoMeter for battery tanks?

A: Please note that the tanks of your system must all be identical and that the tanks must be coupled in order to measure with one instrument. Specify the dimensions of a tank, but the volume of all tanks.


For rectangular tanks:

- Specify tank type A

- Enter the height of the tank (distance between sensor mouth and tank bottom)

- Enter the combined volume of all tanks, e.g. 3 coupled tanks with 1,500L corresponds to a total volume of 4,500L.


For rounded or oval tanks:

- Specify tank type B

- Specify the height and width of a tank

- Specify the combined volume of all tanks


The EcoMeter gauge can only generate correct data if all tanks have the same dimensions and are coupled (all tanks must have the same level).


Q: What does the yellow sticker on the display of the sensor mean?

A: The sticker symbolizes that the default setting of the bargraphs is programmed to 10cm/bar. This means that a maximum distance of 100cm is visualized by means of the bars. A display of e.g. 8 bars means a measuring distance of 20cm, 5 bars a measuring distance of 50cm, 3 bars a measuring distance of 70cm, etc.

The scaling of the bars can be changed using a special function, but is not advised. Please contact us for more information.


Q: What does the warning triangle on the sensor display mean?

A: The warning triangle on the sensor display means that no valid distance is measured. This can have different causes:

- Too many false reflections influence the measurement

- the sensor is not aligned so that no ultrasonic signal can be received

- the battery is already low.

The warning triangle on the display of the ultrasonic sensor very often results in an error E:03 on the EcoMonitor. During proper operation, no warning triangle should appear on the display of the sensor. Pairing the sensor again with the EcoMeter can be used to improve the alignment etc. of the sensor, so that the warning triangle goes out.


 Q: What does the nozzle symbol on the sensor display mean?

A: The nozzle symbol indicates that the current measuring distance is greater than 95cm and can no longer be displayed using the bars.

Generally this is a good sign, because the sensor measures a valid measuring distance.


Q: What does "Low Battery" mean on the display of the EcoMonitor?

A: If the battery is low, the battery in the sensor should be checked. With firmware version F:35, a bug was detected which caused the "Low Battery" message to light up when the outside temperature was cold. This error has been corrected with firmware version F:36. Please look under Reset, to find out the current firmware version of your Proteus Ecometer.


 Q: Why is the number of bars on the EcoMonitor different from the display on the sensor?

A: The sensor does not know the tank height and cannot calculate the scaling accordingly. Therefore the default setting is 10cm / bar. This also explains the yellow sticker. The bar display on the EcoMonitor knows the tank height, divides it by 10 and can therefore display the fill level in 10 steps. 


 Q: Can the EcoMonitor be disconnected from the mains?

A: The EcoMonitor can be disconnected from the mains at any time, especially in summer when you want to save electricity. The configuration data is not lost. After switching on again, communication with the sensor is automatically enabled again within 30 minutes. Only the average value calculations are lost, since no current data is available. These values are only correct again after approx. one week.


 Q: Why does the EcoMonitor not show average consumption data?

A: 1- Please note that only the EcoMeter (not EcoMeter S) has this function.

     2- Due to the resolution of the sensor of 2cm, the level in the tank must drop at least 2cm within one week to allow accurate calculations and thus the display of average consumption data. Generally it can take up to 3 weeks until average values are displayed.


F: Condensation on the diaphragm causes incorrect measurements. How can this be avoided?

A: Especially in underground tanks and external tanks, condensate may form in the tank after higher outside temperature fluctuations (e.g. autumn-winter). Please dry the membrane and simply spray some WD40 (or similar spray oil) directly onto the membrane. This should avoid the accumulation of water drops on the membrane and allow correct measurements again.


 Q: How do I perform a reset?

A: There are two types of reset. A "Hard" reset that resets the EcoMonitor to the factory settings and a "Soft" reset that restarts the firmware without losing the configuration data.

Hard reset: Press and hold the ENTER button and press the reset button on the back of the EcoMonitor with a paper clip or similar. The EcoMonitor restarts and the display goes out briefly, then shows the current firmware version F:xx and then the hours flash. Then enter all your tank specific parameters.


Soft reset: Press and hold the ENTER button until the EcoMonitor starts beeping. Then the EcoMonitor restarts, shows firmware version F:xx and the hours start flashing. The time must then be reset, the other tank parameters are retained.

Then perform a new pairing so that you can test in fast mode whether the sensor reacts to distance changes and calculates a volume at a valid distance.


Q: What does error E:01 mean?

A: The measured distances are very variable. This can be caused by mounting errors (too close to the wall, etc.). Please send us pictures of the assembly so that we can assist you with technical advices.


Q: What does error E:02 mean?

A: The EcoMonitor has not received any measurement signals from the sensor for 6 hours.

  1. Move the receiver closer to the rocket
  2. Wait at least two hours and then check again
  3. if this does not work, customers should re-pair rocket and receiver. And keep them closer for 8h or more.
  4. If point 3 works, move the receiver to the original position. If problems start to occur again it might be an obstacle blocking signals.
  5. If point 3 doesn’t work then send back the unit.

In cistern applications, this is often the case when the sensor is mounted too low and the radio signal cannot be transmitted from the cistern well. In this case, the Plus version (with antenna extension) is recommended so that the emitting unit, which also contains the battery, is disconnected from the sensor in order to mount it directly below the cover or if necessary, outside the cistern.

Q: What does error E:03 mean?

A: The sensor does not measure a valid distance. This is additionally symbolized by a warning triangle on the display of the sensor. The reasons for this are very often due to the assembly. Please send us pictures so that we can help you if necessary.

The sensor battery is already low, resulting in invalid measurements.


Q: What does error E:04 mean?

 A: The current measuring distance is greater than the set max. level / tank level. For this reason, no volume can be calculated. Please check your settings in the setup.


Q: What does error E:05 and E:06 mean?

A: These are internal errors which can very often be solved by a "Soft" reset. Please read under "How do I perform a reset" and carry out a "Soft" reset.


Q:Why does the EcoMonitor show error E:02 after several weeks/years of trouble-free operation?

A: The sensor is too deep in the cistern and the external environmental conditions have changed (wet ground / snow on the lid). The battery life is towards an end.


Q: Why does the Ecomonitor show the error E:03 after a few days, although it worked initially?

A: During fast mode, a new ultrasonic signal is generated every 2-3 seconds, so that many so-called echo curves are available for evaluation. Disturbances cannot be seen here, as the mean value gives a valid distance. In normal operation, considerably fewer echo impluses are generated (one / minute), so that false echoes have a higher significance and error E:03 can occur subsequently.

Please check the installation again or make sure that no condensate affects the ultrasonic membrane.


Q: Why does the EcoMonitor show the error E:03 after replacing the battery in the sensor?

A: The sensor is not aligned correctly. The cistern / oil tank is almost empty and the measuring distance is greater than 1m, making signal detection difficult. To solve this issue, pair the sensor with the EcoMonitor again so that fast mode is activated. Then test whether the sensor reacts to distance changes by pointing it at a smooth surface and varying the distance (10 - 30cm). The display of the sensor must show appropriate bars or the nozzle symbol for distances greater than 90cm. If the sensor does not respond, you should contact us.

If the sensor works and reacts in fast mode, install the sensor in the cistern / oil tank. If the distance to the medium is large, it may be helpful to shorten it in fast mode so that the sensor measures a valid distance, then slowly increase the distance so that no warning triangle appears and then mount it at the intended location.


Q: Can EcoMeter(S) be exchanged for EcoMeter S PLUS?

A: An exchange with the PLUS version (antenna extension) is possible at a flat rate of 39,10€ incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Please return your complete, undamaged product package (including documentation and accessories) in its original packaging. Please enclose a written explanation with reason for the return (exchange), order number and return address.




Questions : Proteus EcoCloud



Q: Web portal?

A: The EcoCloud has no display and requires a subscription to our web portal service where the measurement data can be read. This service is free for the first 2 years.


Q: Fuel data?

A: The EcoCloud is configured with your tank data and delivered ready for installation. For this reason, the tank data must be specified when ordering. If incorrect information has been provided, please contact our customer service.


Q: Measuring range?

A: The maximum measuring range of the EcoCloud is 3m. This means that the EcoCloud ultrasonic sensor has a range of 3m and can only make correct measurements within this range. Offsets are included in this range.


Q: Maximum volume?

A: The EcoCloud has no volume limit. The only limiting factor is the maximum measuring range of 3m.


Q: Resolution?

A: The EcoCloud can measure the volume with an accuracy of +/-10mm,  thus to 20mm.


Guarantee regulations


The Proteus EcoMeter has a warranty period of 24 months, active from the time of purchase, which insures you against breakdowns and factory defects. This does not affect legal rights. Normal wear and tear, damage due to negligence, accidents or unsuitable use/installation of this device are not covered by the above warranty. Any modifications or modifications made by the buyer or a third party will void the warranty, including repair attempts. The warranty is only valid if the device is installed according to the instructions and connected to one of the specified electrical sources. The warranty is void as soon as the device has been resold by an end user. This product may only for private use. The obligations of Inno-Tec GmbH (Proteus) are limited to repair or, at its discretion, replacement of the device. The device should only be returned after customer service confirmation has been received. To contact customer service, please fill out a form on the Proteus-Meter contact page. If requested, you must return the complete package so that the device can be checked for errors and an exchange model can be confirmed. Inno-Tec GmbH, its subsidiaries and distributors are not liable for indirect or consequential damages or losses that may be caused by the use of this product.


Right of redemption


In case of malfunction, the device will be taken back and refunded within 4 weeks in its original packaging and without missing parts. In the event of missing parts and damage to the device, a reduction in value will be charged (at least 15%). The costs for returns are borne by the customer - this complies with European law.