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The advantages of using a LaserEgg and why it has become so popular all over the world.

Featured in several online and print publications across the globe, the LaserEgg has been praised for its low cost and high precision readings - meaning that for home use this category C (consumer) device could bascially be classified as a category B (building) device for its high level precision (Grade A being for "scientific" use) and has an automatic built-in recalibraiton function. As a result, it is one of the best known and most popular air testing devies on th market. 


LaserEgg particle count mode LaserEgg AQI US (air quality index by US gov standard) LaserEgg night mode 

Thanks to its battery with a lifetime of up to 8 hours and its compact size, the air monitor is portable and easy to operate. Used on the go, the LaserEgg ensures that you avoid  polluted areas including those with high smog levels, risky airborne fine dust and even elevated levels of airborne bacteria.  

It is still not widely known what PM2.5 means and why it is so important to know about it: The concentraion of PM2.5 in micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3) is a global standard used by governmental institutions. AQI or air quality index calculations are based on this number.

Not only does the Laser Egg show the PM2.5 when set to concentration mode, it also features the particle count mode measuring all the particles larger than 0.3μm (microns) and larger than 2.5 μm per 0.1 liters of air (100ml) - particles of the size of more than 0.3 include bacteria and smog. Anything above 2.5 microns inlcudes large dust particles. 
Particles of 0.3 microns have been frequently referred to in the news due to their threat to human health. In large inner city areas where traffic contributes to particle levels in the air that exceed the levels considered safe by the regulatory authorities, pedestrians, commuters and cyclists are all exposed to high particle levels and should, therefore, be warned to protect themselves by avoiding specific areas during peak times. 
These airborne particles present an invisible danger to human health - they cannot be detected by the eye (3.000.000 particles measure only a surface of 1mm) and are seldom manifested in clouds of dust. 

So how can the LaserEgg contribute to cleaner air resulting in a healthier life?

As previously mentioned, the LaserEgg can assist in detecting those locations where protection from air pollution is necessary and the wearing of a protective mask is beneficial.
The LaserEgg adds even further protection in the home. Alert levels can be set on the Breathing Space app that connects to your iOS or Android smartphone.  The LaserEgg is the ultimate solution to ensuring your home remains free of harmful airborne particles and reminds you to switch on your air purifier or air filter.  The built in sensor in air purifiers and air filters are often unreliable as they are too close  to the intake and output of the purifier. This can result in an inaccurate value, thus making it difficult to know when to switch on or off.  The LaserEgg ensures the more efficient running of the air purifier leading to a saving in costs  over a polluted summer.

The LaserEgg on the London tube at Victoria Station 

Read more about the LaserEgg and its advantages here http://www.myhealthbeijing.com/china-public-health/checking-your-indoor-pm2-5-cheaply-with-the-laser-egg


The LaserEgg is customer friendly - fast, efficient and easy to use.
We have had reviews from our many satisfied customers who report the successful use
of this device to ascertain the air quality in their children's bedrooms in inner-city homes. Others have reported the use of the LaserEgg in the kitchen when cooking, to ascertain the level of any resulting  unhealthy particles eg the level can rise substantially when frying food.



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