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Ultrasound GSM Level Sensor with Web Portal: EcoCloud

Monitor fill level in your fuel tank or cistern from wherever you are. Easily control your consumption via a web portal or on your smartphone.
- Battery operated ultrasonic level sensor with integrated GSM mobile module
- Measures hourly and transfers the data once a day via GSM / GPRS to data server
- 2 years free access to the web portal
- No max. volume restriction
- Measures all liquids, whether fuel oil, water, diesel, etc.
- proven in more than 50,000 applications
- simple 3 step installation
- The level sensor is preconfigured by us to your application
- please provide us with the following data:
€249.00 incl. VAT

Ultrasonic Level Sensor and Monitor for Cistern, Rainwater Tank, Underground Water Tanks: EcoMeter S

Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement with separate, digital display.
This genius level gauge designed for cisterns and rain water storages can be installed in just a few minutes, without the need for wiring - the ultrasound sensor is battery operated and connected via a radio transmitter to the monitor!
Maximum comfort for installation and reliability during operation! Over one million devices sold across Europe.
€147.30 incl. VAT

Ultrasonic level sensor for heating oil tanks with WIFI modem and free WebApp - EcoFrog

The modern level indicator for the heating oil tank! Monitor the level in your heating oil tank and check your consumption via a web portal or on your smartphone:
- Battery-powered ultrasonic level sensor with integrated WIFI connection, can also be used outdoors
- Measures every 6 hours and transfers the data once a day via WiFi to data server
- Free access to the web portal
- Battery life up to 10 years!
- No limitation of the max. measurable tank volume
- Measures all liquids: heating oil, water, diesel, etc.
- Proven successful in over 30,000 applications
- The level sensor is pre-configured by us for your application
- Please give us therefore before the purchase the data specified below:
€169.90 incl. VAT