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Ultrasonic Level Gauge for small tanks with fast level changes - EcoMeter P

The Proteus EcoMeter P is a gauge specially designed for small tanks with fast and frequent level changes. The system consists of a mains-operated ultrasonic level sensor with integrated radio module (150m range to the radio display) and a separate, digital radio display, which is also mains-powered.
€165.90 incl. VAT

Heating Oil Level Sensor and Monitoring System: EcoMeter

Battery operated ultrasound sensor with separate display that connects wirelessly
- Installation on all fuel oil and oil tanks in minutes with no technical knowledge
- No wiring necessary
- Contactless level measurement with ultrasound means no mechanical parts in the heating oil tank and therefore no wear, no flooding, no jamming!
- The digital display (with mains plug) can be placed anywhere at a distance of up to 500ft (150m) to the ultrasonic sensor
- Suitable for home as well as factory use
€147.30 incl. VAT

Level Sensor and Monitor for Rainwater Tanks: EcoMeter S

Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement with separate, digital display.
This genius level indicator designed for cisterns and rain water storages can be installed in just a few minutes, without the need for wiring - the ultrasound sensor is battery operated and connected via a radio transmitter to the monitor!
Maximum comfort for installation and reliability during operation! Over one million devices sold across Europe.
€147.30 incl. VAT