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Internet of Things (IoT)

We make m2m, IoT easy!

Monitor and control the filling level in your cistern or fuel tank from home or on the road! Is there still enough water for your garden in your cistern? When do you need to order new fuel oil? Does the mobile diesel tank still have enough fuel?

Our Level Indicator enables you to optimize your logistics and processes and save costs.

"Ecocloud" is a battery operated ultrasound level sensor with integrated GSM mobile module (2G). The monitor receives and interprets measured data in a  range of up to 3m in 60min intervals, determines and transmits measured values ​​to the web portal in 24h intervals.

Easy installation in minutes without expert knowledge. No wiring required. The required SIM card is included free of charge and the device and web portal are configured by our customer service with your tank data.

For more information please visit our IoT-Webpage: https://www.e-sensorix.io