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Manufacturer part number: 653341547422
Delivery date: Within Europe 3-5 days
€169.90 incl. VAT

Please specify the medium in the tank,
i.e. water, fuel, etc.


Choose Tanktyp A for rectangular tanks, B for oval or round tanks, 
C for flat Tanks (W>H)




Please specify the distance between the tanks floor and bottom tip of the sensor in cm.

If the distance between the sensor and the max. fill line is greater than 15cm

the difference must be entered as offset below. 


Please enter the width (W) of the tank


Specify the length/depth (Z) of the tank

Please enter the maximum tank volume in litres.
For use in battery tanks please enter the
combined volume of all tanks.

The level of the intake at the bottom of the tank.

Default setting is 8cm.

In order to get more accurate measurements place the sensor 15cm above the

maximum fill line. If this distance is more than 15cm and there is an empty area

please spcifiy it here in X cm (total distance in cm between sensor and surface - 15cm = X) 

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