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Heating Oil Level Sensor and Monitoring System: EcoMeter

Battery operated ultrasound sensor with separate display that connects wirelessly
- Installation on all fuel oil and oil tanks in minutes with no technical knowledge
- No wiring necessary
- Contactless level measurement with ultrasound means no mechanical parts in the heating oil tank and therefore no wear, no flooding, no jamming!
- The digital display (with mains plug) can be placed anywhere at a distance of up to 500ft (150m) to the ultrasonic sensor
- Suitable for home as well as factory use
€147.30 incl. VAT

Ultrasonic Level Sensor and Monitor for Cistern, Rainwater Tank, Underground Water Tanks: EcoMeter S

Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement with separate, digital display.
This genius level gauge designed for cisterns and rain water storages can be installed in just a few minutes, without the need for wiring - the ultrasound sensor is battery operated and connected via a radio transmitter to the monitor!
Maximum comfort for installation and reliability during operation! Over one million devices sold across Europe.
€147.30 incl. VAT

Battery powered ultrasonic level sensor with integrated 3G mobile radio module, free Web Portal and free SIM card for 10 years: EcoCloud 3G

- Monitor the level in your heating oil tank or your cistern and check your heating oil, water, diesel consumption on the Tank24.Info Portal
- Battery-powered ultrasonic level sensor with integrated 3G mobile radio module
- Measures up to 4 times/ hour and transmits the data once /day via 3G to data server Tank24.Info
- Free access to the cloud solution Tank24.Info
- Free SIM card for 10 years
- Measures all liquids such as fuel oil, water, diesel, etc.
- Proven in over 100,000 applications
- The level sensor is pre-configured for your application
- Please fill in the following data:
€199.40 incl. VAT

Ultrasonic level sensor for heating oil tanks with WIFI modem and free WebApp - EcoFrog

The modern level indicator for the heating oil tank! Monitor the level in your heating oil tank and check your consumption via a web portal or on your smartphone:
- Battery-powered ultrasonic level sensor with integrated WIFI connection, can also be used outdoors
- Measures every 6 hours and transfers the data once a day via WiFi to data server
- Free access to the web portal
- Battery life up to 10 years!
- No limitation of the max. measurable tank volume
- Measures all liquids: heating oil, water, diesel, etc.
- Proven successful in over 30,000 applications
- The level sensor is pre-configured by us for your application
- Please give us therefore before the purchase the data specified below:
€139.90 incl. VAT

Smart Air Quality Monitor for particulate matters (PM2.5) with Apple HomeKit: LaserEgg 2

The LaserEgg 2 is a smart air quality monitor that tracks in real-time the major factors of indoor and/or outdoor air quality: PM2.5, Air Quality Index (AQI), Temperature and Humidity. Automate good air within your smart home and take control of your indoor air quality by connecting your LaserEgg to Wi-Fi, then (optionally) pair it with other compatible smart devices in your home and bring the LaserEgg 2 to its full potential measuring and controlling the 'home vitals' : Control your smart AC, air purifiers, air filters, humidifiers and even your heating and feed vital data to your HomeKit. The LaserEgg 2 uses laser-based light scattering individually count particles as they enter the devices, and calculate PM2.5 concentration based upon these measurements. This allows for extremely fast measurements, with high accuracy readings calculated every 0.1 seconds. When using with the HomeKit, the Laser Egg 2 can turn on your air purifier via a PM2.5 levels rise, or change the color of your HomeKit enabled lights as the air quality changes. HomeKit devices can be connected and automated in just a few simple steps.
€159.30 incl. VAT

TDR Level Sensor with 3G and free web portal - KFA4

The KFA4 sensor is based on an established and reliable TDR level measurement platform. An embedded cellular modem and an external antenna connects the device to our Azure IoT platform. The device does not require an external power supply as it is fully powered by integrated standard AA batteries. KFA4 can be fully analyzed and configured remotely.
€980.00 incl. VAT
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